Review: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Genre: Psychological thriller

Released: February 5th, 2019

Page count: 297 pages

Summary: After allegedly shooting her husband, Alicia goes mute. She refuses to defend herself, or to speak about anything at all. Her only method of communication with the outside world is through a painting she does shortly after the murder. Enter Theo. A psychotherapist, he’s determined to get Alicia to speak, so he can unravel the mystery of what really happened the night her husband died.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Review: Did anyone else grow up playing the George Stobbart Broken Sword games? A good portion of the beginning of the book is Theo going around speaking to people who knew Alicia, and I was delightfully reminded a bit of the way the Broken Sword games go, when you’re speaking to people trying to gather information. Anyway, I won’t dwell on that for too long! It just gave me a pang of nostalgia when I was reading it.

I was really nervous about starting The Silent Patient because of how hyped it is. Everyone was telling me that it’s the best thriller of 2019 – it was even voted that by the Goodreads community – and, I’ll be honest, when I started the book I really didn’t agree with that. I wanted to find out what was going to happen next, but it didn’t seem like some literary masterpiece. It definitely was fast-paced and suspenseful at the same time, and left you guessing with the mystery, but I was expecting something… more.

Then, at the end of the book, I got it. And whoa, what a ‘more’ it was! I really didn’t expect the ending at all – which I feel dumb for, since looking back you did get clues – and it completely blew me away. I think The Silent Patient does deserve its hype and the spot of best thriller of 2019.

I recommend this novel for people who grew up playing The Broken Sword games, or who like thrillers, or who like painting. Bonus points if you like all three – you’ll definitely enjoy it!